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Student Volunteers



We are so excited to have over 100 volunteers serving at Summerama each year!  Summerama is so much more than just a fun place for kids to hang out during for a few weeks, it is an opportunity for Middle School and High-School aged students to learn many new skills and explore their leadership potential.  It is a place for all who are on campus, from the preschoolers in Tot-A-Rama to the adult Coordinators overseeing the camp, to find out more about Jesus’ love for them, build healthy relationships, and watch God work in their lives in big ways!

This year we will have more capacity for volunteers each week, more special activities to celebrate our volunteers, and more opportunities for students to grow closer to Christ.

What Volunteers Can Expect

  • Student volunteers aid camp staff in the daily running of Summerama.  You might be asked to hang out with kids, clean up after a game, fill water balloons, carry supplies, serve hot dogs… basically anything the Camp leaders need help with!
  • Students will be assigned to a specific camp group on Monday of the week they serve.  These are assigned based on camp needs. Special requests will only be accomodated based on volunteers with special needs.
  • Students must arrive each day on time for the daily 9:00am volunteer meeting, led by our volunteer coordinators.
    • If you cannot attend these meetings, please don’t volunteer.  These are a critical time of spiritual/leadership development.
  • Students will be dismissed at 3:30pm each day of camp. Parents do not need to check out volunteers.
  • Students will be expected to bring their own lunch every day except Thursday, which is Hot Dog day!
  • Student behavior is expected to be exemplary to kids and helpful to camp staff.  Further conduct guidelines will be presented in training.
  • Volunteers can attend extended care FREE each morning/afternoon on days they are serving.
  • Volunteer siblings who use extended care will be charged for extended care, even during meeting times.


    There are quite a few ways we try to communicate with parents and families you need to be aware of:

    • Email – make sure we have your updated email information!
    • Facebook – facebook.com/firstfreesummerama
    • Web – firstfreerockford.org/Summerama
    • Signage – watch carefully as you enter campus for details about pickup, etc.

    You can communicate with us in these easy ways:

    Summerama and Tot-A-Rama are ministries of First Free Kids.
    Camps are held on the campus of
    First Free Rockford - 2223 N. Mulford Rd - Rockford, IL  61107 

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